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What powerful ingredients are in the new PrSolution extra strength pills? The details here...

prosolution pill extra strength

ProSolution extra strength penis pill? What is that? This is basically the new Pro Solution penis pills that contain a new, more powerful formula for that "extra strength".

This new, "turbo-charged" pills give you better mileage, better results and better value. Some of the ingredients are known for centuries to correct male sexual problems. Now they are expertly blended into one convenient, potent pill that is the Pro Solution extra strength pill.

Here are the potent ingredients in Pro Solution extra strength penis pills :-

  • Solidilin™

    Solidilin is a trade-marked compound that is capable of improving sexual motivation in males. It contains L-Dopa, the precursor to dopamine, which is the pleasure-giving neurotransmitter in the brain. Good for sexual performance.

  • Taj and Safflower

    These are both vasodilators that work to open up the blood vessels. This will encourage more bloodflow to the penis and thereby causing an erection to take place. They can also sustain an erection so that you can enjoy longer lasting sex.

  • Momordica

    This herb has also been shown to reduce body fats. With this redcuton, your body testosterone levels will rise. Momordica is a great source of Vitamin C. As an added advantage, Chinese researchers have found that this herb contains proteins which show promise in promoting anti-HIV activity.

  • Apigenin and Amla

    Apigenin is a citrus bioflavonoid used in cancer treatment while Amla is the richest source of Vitamin C found on Earth. This pairing works to keep your sexual organ healthy and functioning properly over the long term.

  • Arjuna

    Arjuna regulates both blood pressure and heart rate. It works to pace the body, which has been seen to be an incredibly beneficial trait during sex.

  • Cordyceps

    Cordyceps increase testosterone production in men. As you know, testosterone is crucial for male virilityand is directly responsible for the development and maintenance of sex drive in males.

  • Zinc (gluconate)

    It is well known that Zinc aids in sperm motility and quality. Zince is also is very important in the metabolism of testosterone, which as mentioned above, is very important for a man's sexual functions.

  • Reishi Mushroom

    Reishi Mushroom increases stamina and energy. It also has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties. Reishi Mushroom can lift the mood and increase one's sense of spirit and vitality. Thus you can benefit from it directly where sexual performance is concerned.

  • Musli

    Musli is a safe and natural aphrodisiac plant used in Ayurvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This herb is considered by some as a natural alternative to Viagra, so you can also guess what it can do for your sex life.

  • Shatavari

    Shatavari is a herb that has long been used to aid males suffering from sexual debility and impotence. It can have a calming affect on the body. It stabilizes body weight, decreases nervousness and promote healthy sleep. etc.

  • Drilizen™

    Drilizen is a proprietary Prosolution ingredient that increases nitric oxide release. This will in turn prolong erections through coronary vasodilation. This compound also increases testosterone production.

  • Bladderwrack

    Bladderwrack is a type of seaweed found on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. It promotes thyroid health and is also used to treat high cholesterol levels, arteriosclerosis, obesity, and exhaustion. A healthy thyroid is important for body metabolism which is an integral part of both erection enhancement and sexual well-being.

Why is ProSolution extra strength pills so powerful? The secret is their certified fresh and potent natural ingredients (see above). This is a unique combination of pure extracts and nutrients that no other pill has.

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pro solution pills extra strength

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