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Are penis pills better than penis exercises? Or the other way round?

Many men are confronted with this question "What is the better way to enhance the penis size, pills or exercise?"The truth is, the answer is not a straight forward one. Nor does it make any sense to expects a straight answer. But first, some background.

Throughout the ages, men have always longed for a bigger penis size. Sadly, not all men are endowed with a massive penis. If you have a big penis, then congratulations. You will always be considered "da man". But if you have a small one, don't worry, it is not your fault. Blame it on nature.

Actually, most guys nowadays have average or even small-sized penises, but it does not mean they are immature or inadequate. Luckily for these men, there are ways and means by which they can get back their lost confidence, ie get a bigger penis.

Penis exercises

Penis enlargement exercises go back to centuries and have been popular among men who have small penises . Jelqing is perhaps the most common of these exercises. Jelqing is said to originate from Arabia and are often practiced by men who are about to get married. This is so as to please their future wives. Such exercises are commonly called milking or power jelqing.

This penis exercise (Jelqing) is supposed to be a natural way to increase the length and girth of your penis. Even though it is effective, jelqing exercises can also damage your penis when you put too much pressure on your organ. A common problem with jelqing is temporary erection damage. This will require you to abstain from sex for a while. Too much exercising may be bad for you.

Penis pills

Herbal penis pills are yet another way for a men to treat this penis size problems (although indirectly). Due to strong consumer demand, scientists, doctors, and even nutritional experts have come together to create the best and most effective penis pill.

So instead of the usual chemical ingredients you find in prescription drugs , these penis pills contain only all-natural ingredients made from plant extracts and herbal medicine. They are guaranteed to have no negative side effects on the body.

So which is better, pills or exercises?

Pills are made to improve blood flow for harder and bigger erections, among other benefits. They will make your penis appear bigger in an erect state but they can't give you a permanently bigger flaccid penis size on their own. For this, you need to combine the pills with exercises.

Thus, if you take the penis pills and also do some jelqing exercises, you will see very good gains quickly. Doing the exercises alone will be slower and not so effective. Think of a body builder. He needs both exercises and pills in order to achieve maximum gains. So it is with a "penis builder".

There is no right or wrong answers here. The key is just to keep the balance. Avoid over doing the exercises as it may damage your penis. Do not keep on taking more pills as prescribed by the instructions. Get the balance and you will see tremendous results soon.

As you can see, the best way for you to achieve the maximum gains is to combine a good penis pill with effective penis exercises. So you must look for a product that has both pills and exercises bundled together.

Because of this, we highly recommend the ProSolution Pill System which consists of top grade penis pills plus an excellent penis exercise program.

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