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4 Criteria For Choosing a Penis Enlargement Pill System That Really Works

If you're looking for information on penis enlargement pills, then this short article is very important to you.

But wait, do penis enlargement pills work? No & yes.

What kind of answer is that? Let me explain...

Penis pills, by themselves, can not enlarge a man's penis, not permanently anyway. Not that they are useless, mind you. The good grade penis pills do help to improve a man's sexual system - improving prostate health, increasing blood flow to the penile tissues for harder erections, etc. But penis pills alone just cannot enlarge a man's penis permanently. Well, that's the "no" part.

The "yes" part comes from the fact that the better penis pills come with accompanying penis enlargement exercises that, when combined with these penis pills, do enable men to permanently increase the size and girth of their penises.

Think of a body builder. He needs the protein supplements (penis pills in this analogy) as well as the exercise routines in order to gain the muscle mass and body contour he wants. Without the exercises, the supplements are useless. Without the supplements, exercises can only give him so much improvement.

Ok, so a penis pill system (pills plus exercises) do work to enlarge a man's penis permanently. But how do you really choose a penis pill product given so many brands out there? These 4 criteria may help:-

1. The penis pills must come with enlargement exercises, either a DVD or website access. Both will be better but not necessary.

2. The pills must contain top grade ingredients and must not contain dangerous herbs like Yohimbe. This herb is on the FDA watch list for potential damaging, side effects. Look for research materials on these first.

3. The vendor of the pills should have a 24 hour customer support service. This is important as anything can go wrong with your purchase. Look out for customer support info on the vendor's website before you buy.

4. The penis pill system must come with some sort of money back guarantee. These guarantees range from 60 days to 6 months. The longer the guarantee period the better, of course. Look out for these details on the vendor website as well.

So that's it. A short short article on selecting a penis pill system that works. Remember to refer to this article if and when you decide you take the plunge and do something about increasing your penis size and girth.

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