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What aphrodisiac foods are good libido enhancers?

If you need help in boosting your libido, you will be glad to know that certain foods, known as aphrodisiacs, can actually do that for you. Aphrodisiac foods are known to increase your sexual desires, although that is not their only function. These foods are also believed to increase your ability to have sex.

Some common and not so common aphrodisiac foods

One of the lesser known class of aphrodisiac are spices. They are known mainly as preservatives and flavorings but these foods also contribute in psychologically developing sexual desires and can be good libido enhancers. Take chillies for instance. The hot sensations caused by this spice can create a different kind of sexual urge.

Furthermore, spices increase the heart rate, which will get you psychologically prepared for sex. Chocolates is another favorite aphrodisiac food. Since time immemorial, men have been using cocoa powder in drinks before having sex.

Aphrodisiac foods resemble sex organs?

Curiously, foods that look like sexual organs are likely to increase sexual urges. For example, the ginseng root more resembles the human body. In the East, ginseng is used not only for physical rejuvenation but also as a libido enhancer. Ginseng's effect on the physical body helps to enhance sexual desires as well..

The banana is another example. It is commonly known that the phallic looking banana looks like a penis. This great tasting fruit is effective in stimulating the minds of people before sex. Also bananas contain phosphorus which can help improve your interest in engaging sex.

Can you tell that the oysters look like a woman's vulva and vagina? Consuming oysters can create a sensation inside the body - a certain yearning for sex. Oysters can also increase your energy levels, which can contribute in increasing sexual desires in peoples' minds.

Herbal libido enhancers are more effective and convenient ?

As time goes by, people naturally re-invented most of the available aphrodisiacs in the market. With the help of modern science, a lot of food supplements were made to increase sexual desires in men and women. Such herbal supplements are great libido enhancers as they contain the best of aphrodisiac herbs.

Libido enhancer pills come in a convenient pill form that you can swallow with water. You don't have to go out of the way to eat any of the above mentioned aphrodisiac foods because you are already getting the best ingredients in such libido enhancing pills.

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